Relief Milking

The longest running service of FRS. When FRS was initially started back in 1971 it was started as a relief milking service. Started originally by members of Macra na Feirme the idea originated from members of Macra who brought back the idea of relief milking after a visit to farms in Wales.

Fifty years on it remains one of the most sought after services provided by FRS.

Due to the economic high value of milk we put huge emphasis on the quality of the operator we send out to carry out relief milking on dairy farms.  Our operators are fully vetted on their milking skills when they sign up as relief operators. Many of our operatives have carried out The Best Practice in Milking course which was developed in conjunction with Teagasc, AHI and FRS. This course was specifically designed to develop the skills of a milker to ensure all cows are milked efficiently and effectively integrating top quality milk, food safety, herd health and dairy cow welfare.

Why use FRS for Relief Milking:

  • Skilled, trained operatives who are fully insured
  • Peace of mind that your valuable product is fully insured when it is in the hands of FRS
  • Reliability of service
  • Operator always available when required even at very short notice
  • Fully tax compliant

Feedback from Dan, FRS customer for 15 years : “In my younger days I worked as an operator with FRS Cahir and in the past 15 years since I took over the farm I use FRS for all my relief milking.  Super service and very reliable. Excellent relief milkers and the fact that my milk is fully insured is peace of mind. You wouldn’t let an uninsured person drive a €50,000 tractor down the road why would you let an uninsured person milk a €150,000 herd of cows”.