Freeze Branding

The branding of animals and in particular , dairy stock is a popular and much sought after service.

The freeze brand is applied on an animal by placing numbered irons in a basin of methylated spirits and dry ice and then applying the irons to the animals hide for approximately 45 seconds. The treated branding iron kills the colour pigment in the hair making it turn white within 4 – 6 weeks.

Animals can be branded at any stage in life but it is recommended to brand an animal at around 12 months of age. Branding at this age will result in a larger brand when the animal matures to adult as the brand will grow with the growing animal.

Why Freeze Brand?

  • Freeze brands do not fall off or wear off
  • Easy to read from a distance
  • The only permanent identification available for cows
  • Ideal for identification in the milking parlour and necessary for efficient milk recording
  • Ear tags frequently get lost, the number fades or the tag is unreadable due to mud and dirt. A freeze brand will remain throughout.
  • Great to identify a bulling animal in the field or on a passage
  • One off cost. Once branded its done for life

Once the whole herd is branded the yearly cost is quite small as it is only maiden heifers that need to be branded thereafter.

“I’ve being freeze branding my stock for many years now. It makes milk recording more efficient as animals are easier to identify.”

– Joe