Farm Plastic Recycling

FRS has been involved in the recycling of farm plastic for many years. In FRS Cahir we operate a bring centre where farm plastic can be dropped daily provided its in a liner and segregated into the various plastic streams.

The plastic streams consist of:
  • STREAM 1.  Silage pit covers and round bale plastic
  • STREAM 2. Small feed bags, small fertiliser bags, Large fertiliser bags inner liner only, Outer covering on pallets of fertiliser.
  • STREAM 3. Large fertiliser bags outer netted style part, half tonne / ton meal bags
  • STREAM 4. Plastic drums, buckets, containers

When you bring plastic to FRS we will give you a receipt that is acceptable for cross compliance inspections and Bord Bia inspections.
In conjunction with our recycling services FRS supply a Bin and Liner system.
The bin is made of stokbord which is a by-product of waste silage wrap and the liner is manufactured from durable low density polyethylene plastic with dimensions of 2400mm x 1350mm x 1350mm (8’ x 4’6” x 4’6”).

The liner will hold approximately 300 silage wraps, 500 small feed or fertiliser bags or 100 half tonne fertiliser bags.
The bin itself in not essential, but having it allows you to fit more plastic into the liner – hence a saving in the long term  and provides a convenient tidy means of storing waste plastic in the different streams required for plastic collection and recycling.

5 Easy Steps to Farm Plastic Recycling using the FRS Bin and Liner System: