Cow Scanning

Scanning of cows to detect pregnancy is carried out all year round but is in most demand during the months of September to November. Cows can be scanned 30 days after service to detect pregnancy.

FRS Cahir use an ultra-sound scanner whereby a probe is inserted into the cow to detect if a pregnancy exists. Twins can be detected if the scanning takes place early in the pregnancy.

Why farmers scan:

  • To detect pregnancy or pregnancy problems in a cow
  • To detect calving dates if using a stock bull
  • To determine barren animals
  • Identify an infertile stock bull early in the breeding season
  • To detect possibility of twins
  • Cows can be housed in groups according to calving dates during the winter period

Some farmers will scan their cows pre breeding:

  • To identify non cycling cows
  • To detect urinary infections
  • Identify what stage of the reproduction cycle

Benefits of scanning:

  • Allows barren cows to be either sold off farm or fed to fatten and sold
  • By having calving date knowlege a farmer can plan how to manage the pregnant animal over the winter e.g Feed, vaccination, etc
  • Scanning information can be inputted into ICBF, which will then produce a very useful calving report showing all future calving dates. This can be printed and put up in the calving area.

If scanning reveals that more than 5% of a herd are empty this may signify that there is a fertility problem within the herd. This may be due to an infertile bull, a mineral deficiency or a disease problem. Either way fertility scanning will prompt a farmer to investigate further.

Our scanning is available all year round to scan on your farm. To place a booking just contact the office at FRS Cahir or talk to our sales reps.