The Hoofcare service is a widely used service with FRS and demand for the service continues to grow with the expansion of the dairy sector.

Lameness in the dairy herd can amount to considerable economic costs in a lactation year. In the average Irish herd 20 out of every 100 cows are affected by lameness each year. On average an affected cow will have 1.4 cases of lameness each year. Between direct and indirect costs associated with lameness in a cow the total cost that can be attributed to an affected cow can amount to €300.


  • Lower Milk Yields
  • Higher Culling Rates
  • Reproduction Problems
  • Poor Body Condition
  • Cost Of Lameness


  • Vet / Hoof Trimmer
  • Farmers time
  • Milk Withdrawal
  • Milk Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • Different types of lameness have different associated costs e.g sole ulcer is much harder to heal than Mortillaro and would have higher treatment costs.


  • Culling
  • Reduced Heat
  • Cost of extra service

In a 75 cow herd this can average a total cost per cow of €45 in a lactating year which in total terms amounts to a whopping €3375 income loss to a farmer for a single year.

FRS Cahir has trained specialised hoof trimmers to care for the feet of the dairy and suckler herd. They have also invested in the most up to date trimming crates to protect the animals that are being pared.

  • The purpose of Preventative Care is to identify and treat ailments before they become apparent clinical cases
  • This will help prevent losses associated with reduced productivity and in culling severe cases
  • Preventative Hoof Care involves the visual inspection of all cows for early diagnosis and to ensure weight is evenly distributed between and across the animals claws
  • Experts recommend routine trimming/paring at least once a year but twice a year would be more ideal
  • Curative Care involves the elimination of apparent lameness issues
  • Curative trimming needs immediate action immediately on first observation of lameness

Hoof trimming should be done in conjunction with a routine foot bathing regime.

Our hoof operatives  are expertly trained and skilled in the 5 Step Dutch Hoof Trimming Method

Observe cows daily for signs of lameness and take action immediately

Prevention is better than cure.