General Labour

FRS Cahir has been providing general farm operatives since the early 80’s.

Our Farm Operatives are fully insured while working on farms and in general the operatives themselves come from a farming background so have an in-depth knowledge of farming and the various farming enterprises.

The FRS Farm Labour service is viewed by many farmers as a great source of access to farm labour without having to employ a full-time labour unit on the farm. In many farming situations labour is more essential at certain times of the year for example Springtime, Harvest time. By accessing FRS labour a farmer can employ a labourer to help for the busy period required and once the busy period is over he can cease the employment.

Similarly should a farmer require labour maybe for a day or two per week then using FRS is the most suitable option available. It allows the farmer to have help on the farm all year round but on a part time basis with out having to employ a person full time on the farm.

The benefits of using FRS for farm labour are:

  • Continuous source of labour all year round
  • Fully insured labour and access to personnel from farming origins
  • Fully tax compliant
  • One monthly invoice. No worries on submitting paperwork to revenue to create payslips,holiday pay,etc
  • Access to labour in time of crisis. E.g farm accident, family bereavement,
  • Peace of mind that your farm is in good hands.

“I’ve been using FRS for labour for the past 20 years. They have been consistent throughout that time in providing skilled and efficient operators to my farm”   John

“My number one labour provider for over 25 years”  Mick

Contact FRS Cahir at any time to enquire about labour options for your farm. We have the operator to suit you.